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I specialize in small (generally under 50 guests) non-traditional weddings. An event of this size is an intimate experience. It?s critical that your photographer is someone you are comfortable with in order for them to be a positive addition to your special day. I pride myself on the ability to connect with people and easily build on those relationships.

I have photographed weddings in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington with varying locations that have included mountains, forests, lakes, cities, and even one that ended with a bicycle ride down main street. I?m happy to travel to remote locations or nearby cities.

Today couples are looking for a more complete wedding experience. Let's capture that dream together.
Every portrait session is a unique experience. From maternity photos to family pictures, senior shoots to pet photography, I aim to capture something special that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Whether you would like to add a ''Staff'' page to your website, a few photos to a business Facebook page, or an image of your product to your brochures, it?s important that you show the viewer your very best. Poor photography can lessen even the most beautifully designed website or advertisement. This can impact how viewers feel about your site and your business. You want potential customers or clients to feel like they?re buying into a business that is well-established, trustworthy, and reputable. You need images that can evoke these feelings.

Online advertising and social media are a big part of today's consumer exp