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Transitions are hard. Sometimes it’s tough to know even where to begin. Whether that’s figuring out how to get your staff paid on time or implementing a system to manage the funds of a large grant you received, it’s not easy. The varying circumstances of these situations often call for another set of eyes and ears. What if you could take these stressful transitions – have them go smoothly – and come out on the other side stronger? Of course you want to get through this transition; but why not use it as a launching pad for becoming a more financially robust organization? If this is what you want, you’re on your way to Clarity. Clarity will ease you through your transition in a comfortable way, bringing the specialized solutions you’re after. And since we’re here to provide more than just a band-aid for your transition, our processes are designed with a focus towards the future of your organization, with an elevated conversation and a deeper probe of the big picture. This initial effort generates the most customized solutions – for the right problems – using best practices. We’ll be able to draw attention to opportunities to financially stabilize or grow your non-profit or small business – so you can accomplish what it is that your organization really wants to achieve.